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The Voltaire Collective

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Welcome to the Voltaire, all misfits, darklings, and creatives. Here you will find avant- garde visual and performance art by Denver’s counterculture. With so many talented artists on board, we specialize in cultural arts from all ends of the spectrum.  We will make all your dreams and nightmares come true as we take you through the multiverses of the mind. This is one voyage you do not want to miss!


  • Voltaire Collective's: The Baron's Dream
    Voltaire Collective's: The Baron's Dream
    Sat, Jul 13
    Jul 13, 2024, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Denver, 3654 Navajo St, Denver, CO 80211, USA
    Jul 13, 2024, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Denver, 3654 Navajo St, Denver, CO 80211, USA
    Voltaire Collective's summer show! Follow the Wizard and his apprentice further into the dream world as Morningstar returns to save Trash from the surrealist hellscape.

Origins of the Voltaire

In 1916, Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings opened an iconic and avant garde nightclub in Switzerland that would leave behind a legacy for hundreds of artists to come to build off of; The Cabaret Voltaire.  This was a safe space for people close to Ball and Hennings, as well as  any artist with a proposal.  The cabaret featured spoken word, dance, music, performance art, political works, acting, and more.  The cabaret was truly one of a kind in every essence.  The artistic expression was limitless, and the art form known as Dadaism was born.


Fast forward over 100 years later to 2022, Denver.  Art is thriving.  Muralists are able to call that a profession, burlesque and drag shows seem to be popping up in every corner of the city, and financial businesses are funding artist-run endeavors.  We have come a long way, yet we still have a long way to go.  While artists are finally getting opportunities on the regular, there are still some major issues in the art world.  It seems the privileged YT man still rules the market. Women struggle to get into galleries and museums.  Black and Indigenous performers are still the underrepresented group by a long shot.  Trans individuals are still fighting for basic human rights.  Most artists have been taken advantage of by galleries.  This is the art world's ugly side that must be discussed.

This Collective has claimed the name "Voltaire" to continue the legacy of the 1916 Cabaret in the modern age.  We will bring you artists and performers of all kinds and backgrounds that we know should be seen and recognized as talented.  We will uplift many different artists in the community.  We will bring you to all kinds of venues you may not have known existed.  And we promise to keep things entertaining.

We thank you for joining us in the movement.  You will certainly not be the same as you were before the Voltaire.


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