Ragdoll Clothing Co. began as a spark from my mom.  She glanced down at my homemade Bart patch shittily hand-sewn onto my ripped tank and said, "You should do custom clothing."

A very simple idea that could offer so much opportunity.

I had been patching my own clothes with little nick-nack artwork of the Nirvana smiley or some skull graphic, but never had I thought of expanding on that.  She handed this thought to me the way your grandmother gives you ancient wisdom.  It was a small gift with huge potential.  As we walked down Adams St. in Burlington, Vermont I could feel the gears turning in my mind.

I returned to Denver, and immediately started making a few patches.  The beginning stages very very DIY.  I was sewing on a bedside table while sitting on a bucket in our basement apartment.  One of the biggest upgrades was a $25 table from goodwill and a couple chairs.

My work has evolved a bit into mainly custom jackets.  Majority of business is commissioned work for individuals inquiring about a custom jacket of their very own.  That is super welcome with me.  Please contact through instagram or email if you are interested in something made specifically for yourself or another person.

Thank you for the support!  In a little over five years' time this company has blossomed thanks to you!

Voyage Denver Interview: