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8.5"x11" Color Art Print.Pan the Charming and Charismatic lives in a humble abode in the mountain forests.  Although he loves to spend time with nature, he frequents the drag club often to enjoy an Old Fashioned and watch his sexual prowesses be free from societal judgement.  He is not one to be boxed in by judgements and labels.  He is the embodiment of freedom.  However, this can get him into trouble... He tends to have various partners at a time.  And his devotees will sacrifice children and animals for him to prove their loyalty..He was the creator of Pansexuality, and will sleep with various genders and species.  He is currently spending time teaching Acantha his knowledge of magick.  Selene, the Moon Goddess, has been watching this relationship enviously from the night sky as she was one of Pan's former lovers .His heart was broken when his true love, Syrinx, passed away.  At that time he named his panpipe after her, and sometimes plays it longingly at night while he wallows in his river of tears.

"Pan the Charming" Art Print

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