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Organic Olive Oil, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Chrysanthemum flowers, Blue Cornflower, Magnolia flowers, Echinacea root and herb

It is easy to forget just how exquisite and resilient we are in the depths of sorrow and sadness.  During this heaviness we can turn to Echinacea.  She is the matriarch of the garden. She holds down the gorgeous chaos by standing tall with the protective spikes of a sea urchin.  Although she is hardy, she is also loving and tender.  She protects and heals like a mother tending to her sick child.  She reminds us to reignite our inner strength to push through.  

The silky and soothing buds of Magnolia remind one, YOU ARE DIVINE.  Magnolia trees have been around over 100 million years bringing us the ancient wisdom of the beings that came long before us.  She reminds us that the darkness is part of the harmony of time. And with periods of darkness come periods of light.  She draws you in to her sweet and fragrant blossoms to bring tranquility and meditation.  The fear of the unknown washes away and leaves you feeling relieved.

A year filled with death and transformation calls chrysanthemum in.  This ancestral plant allows us to connect with spirits passed while protecting us from the uninvited. Chrysanthemum is sweet like honey and deep like black lace.  Easing tension, lightening the mood, and joy bearing, chrysanthemum welcomes our transition.  Let chrysanthemum protect you on your journey through the trials of life.

To enrich this blend, Blue Cornflower was called in.  She demands us to see the divine in the ordinary.  She urges us to open our third eye and trust our intuition.  She invokes confidence and heals intuitive blocks.  She carries deep ritual magick with her.  Don’t be surprised if lovers are more attracted to you, for she has been worn by bachelors to lure in lovers.


Bright Eye Anointing Oil

PriceFrom $10.00
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