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8.5"x11" original ragdoll print


Character No.1

As a young maiden, Acantha was the most beautiful girl in the mortal realm. She had strawberry blonde hair and loved to pick flowers from the forests. One day, she was sitting with a trillium when Pan came strolling through the pathway playing his flute. She was struck by Pan's charisma and immediately fell for him. He taught her how to harness her shadow self to access her true unlocked power.After apprenticing under Pan the Magi and making love with him under the Hawthorne trees, she transformed into one of the most powerful witches in history. She specializes in the art of the sword and sacrifice.By day, Acantha occupies her maiden form with long yellow hair and robed in white linen. Under the moon, Acantha is black haired with ritual sigils marked into her body.

"Acantha's Blood Sabbath" Art Print

SKU: P001
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