Jessa Sargent began her holistic journey at a young age.  Her mother and father raised her in the forests of Vermont where the family could harvest herbs and vegetables out of the garden.  Foraging from the 40 acres of fairy lands surrounding was another one of her favorite pastimes.

As she grew into her maiden years, Jessa knew she was deeply interested in healing.  This calling guided her towards a Nutrition and Food Science B.S. from the University of Vermont where she was able to learn the in-depth science behind the human body, and how food acts as medicine.  In her free time, she worked (and still does) as a freelance gardener under the apprenticeship of her mother.

Digging in the dirt to create a healthy and thriving garden allowed Jessa to understand plants in the wild and in cultivation.  The combination of a health degree and a gardening background led Jessa to herbalism.  She pursued a 500 hour certificate from Herbalism Roots in Denver, and graduated in July 2020.  The curriculum included a well-rounded education consisting of plant identification of the Rocky Mountains, medicine making, and clinical experience.

Possibly one of the biggest events in Jessa's career was being taken on as Herbalist and Lab Manager at a local Denver apothecary.  She has spent her time there formulating for community members to aid in a vast array of physical ailments from depression and anxiety to GI distress to skin disorders, and more. She managed the lab making teas, tinctures, bath soaks, salves, and aromatherapy blends among many other projects.

Now, Jessa has her own small line of herbal products.  Check them out!